How to Set up a Homeschool Learning Station for Your Preschooler

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If you’re homeschooling your preschooler or even preparing them for regular school, this homeschool learning station will help you out!


It allows you to get organized and create an easy learning atmosphere for your kid, even if you have limited space and a busy work schedule.


And I only know this because I’m homeschooling my preschooler this year with limited space and a busy schedule… so it’s definitely possible! I’ll walk you through exactly what to do.


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These tips apply to kids of all ages too, not just preschoolers. If you have older kids, you’ll just need to adjust the learning materials.




Choose a location in your home to be the designated homeschool learning station for your kiddo.


This space needs to have:


-a hard and flat surface for drawing and playing
-enough room for chairs or proper seating
-plenty of natural light


We have a small home with limited space, so our homeschool learning station is at the kitchen table. As long as your learning area has the three requirements above, you’re good to go.



Ignore the power tools on my kitchen table (hubs is an electrician).


Let your kid participate in getting their learning station set up so that they can get excited about it too!




Find a few storage bins of various sizes to organize learning materials.


I use these wire bins with grey fabric that I found on Amazon, but any storage bins will work. Here are some storage bins with lids if you prefer that.


Storage bins are essential for your homeschool learning station because they keep clutter under control. No more papers and crayons scattered all over the house!




Put all learning materials in their designated bins, and make sure they stay there when they aren’t being used.


We have (3) bins that stay on the table no matter what.


One bin is for books and homework packets: activity books, coloring books, reading books, tracing packets etc.



Another bin is just for puzzles. We keep all of the kid’s puzzles in these mesh zipper bags, which take up less space and keep all the pieces organized.


And the last bin is for small stationery stuff: the pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, tape, dice etc.




If you’re homeschooling two small kids like I am, you might need to use a separate storage caddy for each kid so that they have their own learning materials during homework time.


I got these cute little pencil caddies from the Dollar Tree and my kids love having their own pencils and crayons for coloring!



Side note: yes, teaching the kids to share is super important. But during our school time at the table, I like to keep things as organized and peaceful as possible (they can learn to share at other times)!




Grab a magnetic marker board like this one and put it up on the fridge.


Each day of the week, you can write down the tasks or projects you and the kids will work on at your homeschool learning station.


Even if your kids are too small to read, you can walk them through the schedule and let them erase tasks as they are completed.



This doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy (as you can see from my setup)! Just make sure you’re getting the kids involved so they can enjoy learning at home!




Timers are wonderful for homeschooling small kids.


It’s something simple that they can all understand. ‘When the timer goes off, we can get up and do something else.’


Make sure that you have a timer at your homeschool learning station. A timer on your phone is fine, but a baking timer is good too.


PRO MOM HACK: Sand timers like these are life savers for quick tasks!





All of these tips will help you get your homechool learning station set up. But quite honestly, the best learning stations are the ones that allow your kids to HAVE FUN and learn at the same time!


Make sure you’re enjoying yourself and staying positive during homeschool time. Pay attention to your kids and their sleepy/hungry cues. And keep those learning bins organized.



All of these things work together to create an easy and enjoyable homeschool learning station for your kids!


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