How to Throw a Marvel Avengers Birthday Party on a Budget

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Looking to throw a Marvel Avengers birthday party on a budget?

This article is going to dig into all the main areas of your party planning dreams, from food, to fun, to decor.

Every family budget and party budget is different, of course. But our goal in this article is to help you get creative and check out some fresh and fun ideas for your Marvel Avengers birthday party on a budget!

You can get a little more extravagant than we did, or you can simplify even more based on your budget and the size of your guest list. 

To keep the cost down, we shopped around for deals, got free Amazon delivery for most decor and games, and got creative with certain things that we already had at home.

Let’s start with the food…

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Avengers Theme Food Ideas

Fun food is always a highlight of themed parties! 

And coming up with yummy ideas that the kids will love at your Avengers party will guarantee that you’re seen as a super(hero) party host.

Here’s what we did at our Marvel Avengers birthday party on a budget…

A Captain America Berry Shield

Berry tray that looks like a captain America shield

How to make them:

Grab a large round serving tray (we got this one from the Dollar Tree but you can grab one from Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, anywhere you shop). 

Line the outer edge with sliced or whole strawberries. Then follow the circle of strawberries and line the inner side with marshmallows.

After the marshmallows, another round of strawberries. Fill the center with blueberries and then tuck a little star-shaped sauce dish into the center and fill with whipped cream or yogurt.


We went to a local grocery store when berries were on sale and we only spent a few bucks on the strawberries and blueberries for the shield. You can usually find marshmallows at the dollar store. 

Easy and Delicious Thor Hammers

Picture of cheese and pretzel bites shaped like 'Thor hammers' for Avengers party

The kids went crazy over these little Thor hammers. 

We cut a big block of colby jack cheese into little rectangles. Twisted a pretzel stick into the center, and done. Just a couple of bucks to complete this snack.

Mini Sliders with Avenger Toothpick Toppers

These were super easy to make and they were a huge hit with kids and adults alike. 

Form mini burgers and throw them on the grill. When cooked through, add a crunchy pickle and whatever condiments you like to the bun or hawaiian roll. 

Image of Cheeseburger sliders on white plate

Slide an Avengers toothpick topper into the center of the bun and line them up on a tray for easy access!

We also had some spicy coleslaw and garlic aioli available for an extra flavorful kick!

Avengers Fruit Snacks

Grab some Marvel Avengers fruit snacks from the grocery store and spread them out on a plate or sprinkle them around the dessert table.

Plate of Marvel Avenger fruit snacks for Marvel Avengers birthday party on a budget


As for the official party desserts, we did a small cupcake tower and a small cake with Avengers toppers.

Superhero cake tower

To save a little extra cash, try making the cupcakes at home and grabbing some Avengers cupcake holders and toppers to complete the look.

You can use an Avengers cupcake tower or a plain one (we used plain since the cupcakes were already so bright and colorful). 


We had the cake made at a local bakery, and then topped it with little Avengers characters to complete the look.

Marvel Avengers birthday party cake

For our other sides, we put out some chips, watermelon slices, crunchy veggies with dip, and a few drink options. Easy peasy!

Other ideas for party snacks on a budget:

  • Superhero punch
  • Cupcakes topped with Thor hammers
  • Black panther paws (mini pretzel sandwiches with chocolate icing in the shape of paws)
  • Popcorn with toppings
  • Homemade rice krispies 
  • Bomb pop popsicles 


The cool thing about using themed food for the party? It doubles as fun decor!

Avengers party dessert table

We also grabbed:

  • An Avengers tablecloth
  • Some Avengers balloons
  • Avengers napkins, cups, plates

We just grabbed a small set of Avengers serving supplies off Amazon and then supplemented with plain paper plates and red solo cups.

You can grab everything you need for your Marvel Avengers party off my Amazon list right here!

We also put superhero capes and masks all over the house to make the house look super colorful and fun!

The coat rack is a great place to hang capes if you have one in your entryway!

Superhero capes hanging on the coat rack

We set up some Avengers action figures (which we already owned) around the house too. You can grab everything you need for your Avengers party off my Amazon list right here


Our party was for a four year old, so your game ideas might look a little different depending on the age of the kids.

First, we invited all guests to throw on a cape and mask of their choice! 

Then we broke out the Avengers tattoos and stickers and let everyone pick what they wanted to use or wear (we also sent the kids home with cupcakes and stickers).

Superhero Matching Game

If your kids like board games or memory games, be sure to grab this Superhero memory game for the party. My kids fell in love with the game and they still play with it daily. 

Avengers Bean Bag Toss Game

For outdoor fun, we hung up this Avengers theme bean bag toss game and the kids had a blast. 

Spiderweb Silly String Fight

Grab some silly string bottles from the dollar store and put them in a big bucket labeled ‘Spidey Webs’. Everyone gets a can and whoever walks away without any ‘webs’ on them wins the game!

Avengers Pinata 

A must for any kids party. Grab an Avengers pinata, fill it with candy, and let the kids swing at that thing until it cracks.

Kid with brown hair swinging at an Avengers themed pinata

Since ours was a summer party, we also filled up the water table, water guns, and set up a trampoline in the yard.

Use what you have on hand to give the party day a little extra excitement!

More Avengers party game ideas:

  • Superhero charades
  • Target practice with Captain America shields
  • Superhero hide and seek 
  • Ring toss
  • Bubbles
  • Marvel special edition board games/ card games
  • Avengers movie marathon


The kids were all exhausted and happy by the end of the night.

We opened presents and played outside with new toys until it got dark. Sent everyone home with some leftovers, cupcakes, and stickers/tattoos and called it a night.

To keep the party within our budget, we kept the decor and food simple, and used whatever we could that we already had on hand. The kids had a blast and that is what matters at the end of the day!

You can grab everything that you need for the party from my Avengers party Amazon list right here.

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Collage with Marvel superhero decor and text overlay that says 'how to throw a Marvel Avengers birthday party on a budget

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