KidBox Subscription Box – Stylish Kids Clothes Delivered to Your Door

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I have a confession that you aren’t going to believe.


I hate going shopping. H. A. T. E.


Yes, I’m the rare breed of female that absolutely hates to shop. The mall, the long lines at Target, the girlie days that involve trying on pretty dresses and sipping on champagne.


Nope, just not my thang.


Everyone said that when I had kids, it would change. They said I would love shopping for their cute little clothes, shoes, and bows…but nope.


Mama of two here, and I don’t like that either.


On top of the intense aversion to department stores, I also work full time and have feisty little kids that lack patience. That makes shopping even more challenging.


Obviously, I still have to figure out a way to put clothes on our backs, right? And that’s where Kidbox comes in!




I’ve been hearing about subscription boxes from everyone and their mother.


Beauty products, food products, pet products, toys, seasonal goods. I seriously love the idea of having everything I need delivered to my door. Because yeah, I am one tired motha.


But did you know there are actually subscription boxes just for kid clothes?! Clothes that are hand-picked by stylists and delivered to your door for those little rugrats that call you mom.


Yes, please!


Kidbox is a subscription box service that is dedicated specifically to children’s attire. And if you want a great variety of kid clothes delivered to you, they are a great option.





It’s really a simple, straight forward process, just like most subscription box services.


1.You’ll head over to the KidBox website and take their style quiz. It’s just a few easy questions to help them get to know you and your kid. The styles you want and don’t want.


2.Kidbox will send you a personalized box 5 times per year, based on your style preferences. Shipping is free, and you can always skip the next order if you want to take a break from the service.


3.You’ll choose your favorite pieces of clothing from the box. Keep those and return anything you don’t want. You’ll only pay for the pieces you keep.


Side note: a personal stylist hand picks each item based on your style preferences, so it’s very likely that you’re going to love what they send! If you do choose to keep the whole box, Kidbox will donate clothing to a child in need. Everybody wins.


And that’s it.




A box of 5-6 items for 0-24 months old will cost $68.


A box of 6-7 name-brand items for 2T – 14 will cost $98.


I got the cutest flippin’ Jessica Simpson dress for my daughter! Just look at this.



Kidbox works with a lot of great brands, like Adidas, Quicksilver, LuckyBrand, Puma, Bebe, Guess, Sketchers, and more.


And for every full box that you purchase, an item of clothing is donated to a child in need. Which is something that we can get behind around here!


This is the simplest, most convenient and stylish way to dress your kids when you’re a busy mama.  Cute clothes delivered to your door with no hassle.


Here are a few more snaps of the clothes that came in our subscription boxes.



Kidbox also has a Gift Card option so that you can give the perfect gift to your mama friends! You can check out the Kidbox subscription box site here.


Have you ever tried a Kidbox subscription box before? What were your favorites?! Share in the comments!


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