How to Clean Your Hairbrush Properly in 5 Easy Steps

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If you own a hairbrush and have hair on your head, this one is for you.


I’m gonna show you how to clean your hairbrush the right way, in five easy steps, in five minutes or less!


We all know how to clean our clothes, houses, and cars right? But most people don’t even know that you NEED to clean your hairbrush on a regular basis.


Ohhhh, but you do.

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Sure, we might rip the trapped hair out of our hairbrush now and then, but that’s probably the extent of it.


When you do this, you’re leaving behind A LOT of oil, hair product, and dust. And all that gunk is going to be redistributed onto your hair the next time you brush.


And yes, I learned this the hard way when I brushed through my CLEAN dry hair one day and my dirty hairbrush greased it up.




It really only takes a couple minutes to clean your hairbrushes once you know how to do it properly.


Here’s what you’re going to need:


A hairbrush full of hair (this is essential).
Dawn dish soap.
A cleaning toothbrush.
A dry hand towel.





We’ll start with cleaning a round hairbrush, because they’re the trickiest. But don’t worry, it’ll still only take you a couple minutes to clean it thoroughly!





Hold your round hairbrush in your non-dominant hand and cut through the hair with scissors using your dominant hand. Start at the brush handle and move up to the top of the brush.


Cut your way through every few rows of bristles as you move around the entire round brush. It will only take about 5 or 6 snips to loosen up the hair around the whole brush.






Pull out all the loose hair that you can grab and throw it into the trash.


There will likely be some little hairs and dust left behind. But even if you don’t see much, you’ll still need to use a little soap to get rid of grease and other residue.





Put a generous drop of Dawn dish soap right onto the bristles and then scrub it into all the nooks and crannies using a cleaning toothbrush.


The toothbrush will start to pull the remaining hairs and residue out of the brush bristles. This is what we want!


If there are large chunks of hair that you can grab with your hand, pull those out and throw them in the trash.





Run the hairbrush under a stream of warm water for about 15 seconds until all of the soap and little bits of hair and dust are gone. As an alternative, you can also fill the bathroom sink with warm soapy water as you scrub the brush clean.





After you’ve rinsed all the soap off the hairbrush, just wrap the round brush in a clean dry hand towel and pat it dry.


If there is anything left on the brush, you can repeat the process or just use the cleaning toothbrush to scrub it out. But one time through is usually good enough!





To clean your other hairbrushes, you’ll follow a similar process, but you might not need the scissors.


There won’t usually be any need to cut hair out of your other brushes with scissors. So, all you gotta do is pull the loose hair out and scrub the brush with some Dawn soap and warm water.


You can also use castile soap or a cleansing shampoo, but I just love how my Dawn dish soap makes greasy hairbrush residue disappear in seconds.





You really want to clean your hairbrushes with some kind of soap at least once a month.


But if you have greasy hair or use a lot of hair products in your daily routine, it’d be better to wash with soap once a week.


Get all that residue off your brush so that it doesn’t transfer to your hair next time you brush!




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