How to Get All Your Clean Laundry Put Away in Less than a Minute

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I bet you’re reading this article while you stare at a gigantic pile of CLEAN laundry that’s crumpled up on the floor and begging to be put away.


So, let’s get that wrinkled mess remedied right now, shall we?



In this article, I’m going to walk you through the simple steps you need to follow to get all of your clean laundry put away in less than a minute. And I’m not here to guilt you about your clutter or tell you to throw all that junk away and simplify – nope.


Not today anyway!


I’m just here to help you get that clean laundry hung up and out of sight so that you don’t have to look at it anymore… and also, so you can feel the joy of scratching something off your to-do list today!




First of all, this is classified info coming your way! I don’t even share these things with my best friends, that’s how top secret it is.


So, protect my secrets, k?


This tip is only for people that truly want to kick the clutter and get that clean laundry pile out of their face for good!



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Before your laundry is dry and ready to be put away, make sure you have a clean, flat surface to place the clean laundry during the put-away process. I just use the top surface of my dryer. And make sure you have a stack of sturdy hangers like these for adult clothes and these ones for kids clothes ready to roll!


The hangers should be in an easy-access spot where they won’t get tangled up. I personally place my hangers standing up on the dryer, propped up against the back piece where the knobs are (whatever you call that piece).


Here are the steps for getting all the laundry put away super fast!




Pull all the clean laundry out of the dryer as soon as it’s done. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you carry that pile over to the couch/table/bed and set it down, it is NOT getting hung up. #FACTS


So, as soon as the clothes are dry, open up that dryer and pull the clothes out. Either throw them into an empty laundry basket or put them up on top of the dryer to prepare for step two.


This process should only take about 2 seconds out of your 60-second limit, if anyone is counting.




You need a clean, flat space for this part, so make sure you have a spot ready in advance.


I lay everything flat right on top of the washer or dryer, since I’m already standing there, and it just makes logical sense.


Lay all laundry items in a flat position exactly as you would hang them. If you have little loose items, like socks and undies, throw those into a laundry basket and recruit a bored kid or spouse to put those away while you move on to step three.


This process should only take you about 22.5 seconds of your 60-second limit, but who’s counting, right?


Looks something like this:





If you followed our prep rules, then you already have a flat space and a stack of hangers ready.


So now, you’re just going to grab a hanger, insert the hanger into the first shirt on the top of the pile, and then fold it over. Looks like this:



This will take approximately (1) second.




Follow step three and insert a hanger into each shirt or hang-item, fold them over, until everything is on a hanger.


This will take up however many seconds you have left (whether it’s 35 seconds or 135 seconds) … but hopefully around 35 seconds, to prove my 60-second rule can work!







Your job is done in one minute or less!



Okay, okay.


The 60-second rule is more of an optimistic aim than an absolute certainty (obviously).


It might take a little more time if you’re working with a larger load of laundry or a large variety of clothing types, but the point remains the same. It is absolutely possible to get all of your clean laundry hung up and out of sight VERY quickly with this laundry hack.


And if you have the mindset that you’re going to knock this out quickly and get it over with, you totally can!


My husband and I play a little game now. We each take a stack of clothes and race to see who can hang everything up the fastest.


And yes, I’m currently undefeated, at 40 items of clothing hung up in under a minute! Bet you can’t beat that?


Once you get the hang of this process, it becomes an insanely quick and easy way to get all your laundry put away in a hurry!




To speed up the process, make sure you have a flat surface that doesn’t require you to bend too far. I think the washer or dryer are usually the best option. And make sure you have a stack of hangers ready to go.


Then follow the process above to get everything onto the hangers and put away.


Limiting the need to bend, reach, and fetch hangers helps you to knock out the laundry put-away process super quickly!




It’s really just as easy!


Pull the wet clothes out of the washer one piece at a time. Lay them flat on the dryer. Insert hangers into each piece of clothing. Hang on the line to dry.


When our dryer broke, this is exactly what we did. It is so easy and convenient! The clothes are already on their hangers, just hang them in the closet when they’re dry.


Note: If you’re worried about your wet t-shirts being heavier and getting stretched out with this method, you could also grab little hanger clips like these. Just use them to hang the shirts upside down so that the neck shape doesn’t shift while drying.




We’re all about doing things the quick and easy way around here. BUT we also like to keep the clutter and chaos under control while we’re at it! Try this easy laundry hack to get that mountain of laundry put away and out of sight today.


And share this laundry hack with your overwhelmed mama friends too!


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19 thoughts on “How to Get All Your Clean Laundry Put Away in Less than a Minute”

  1. I’m one of the weird ones who loves to do the laundry and fold clothes. I find it so relaxing and that’s when I get to catch up on my favorite podcast….but definitely gonna use your laundry hacks once I have little ones and have more laundry to do!

    1. Funny how different we all are! Doing dishes relaxes me, doing laundry stresses me out (but wrinkled clothes stress me out more haha)! I’m so glad you can find joy in the little things like folding laundry! If we have to do it every few days for the rest of our lives, might as well make the best of it, right?!

  2. You had me at “get all your laundry put away!” That’s all I want. Great hack, though all of our stuff goes into piles and onto kid’s beds for them to put away. Now, to get them to put it away…

    1. Oh man, to get to the point where my children are able to put their own clothes away – I don’t think I’ll know what to do with myself haha! Sounds like you have a great system!

  3. YESSSS! I will be following these instructions as soon as I get the HUGE load of clean clothes folded! I plan to do it today because I’m feeling very inspired!

  4. Ha ha, when I first opened this post, I thought the solution would be “make your spouse do it.” Alas, not so much. This hack is so simple, I’m sort of angry I never thought of it! Every time I do laundry, I swear my clothes multiply. Next time I’m definitely trying this. Thanks!

    1. Hahahaha, I love you! Your comment made me laugh out loud. My husband, although he means well, just cant quite figure out the importance of NOT DRYING delicate items, so I prefer to do the laundry myself to preserve our clothing haha. But clothing definitely seems to multiply with each load – how is this possible? We try to live simply but clothes keep making their way into my laundry basket each week without permission!

  5. This is actually pretty awesome! Laundry always sits in the basket for days for me and when I do decide to put it away, it takes a lifetime. I love this little hack that you made.

    1. Right?! My husband would gladly just dig clean laundry out of a wrinkled basket of clothes all week – I can’t do it. I want everything hung up and easy to find. This laundry hack was born out of necessity haha!

  6. Nice tips. It’d definitely take me longer than 60s because my loads are never that small. And I fold rather than hang but I’ll keep it in mind for when I do have things to hang…

    1. Totally understand! And I know a lot of people that follow the KonMari method that are appalled by my laundry hacks haha. We fold stuff too, but try to hang as much as we can, just so that it’s easy to SEE and access. When I have stuff folded in a drawer, I rarely utilize it all. Funny how different we all are.

  7. LMAO i don’t know why I’ve never thought about bringing down the hangers, what a GENIUS idea! I do make sure to unfold and lay my clothes on top of my washer and dryer, I separate them out (shirts, shorts etc.) but then it all goes [ neatly ] into the basket where it stays to live for a few days 😅 the hanger hack will definitely help, thanks for that awesome tip!

    1. You’re ahead of most people! Most people just leave the laundry mountain on the bed/couch and dig through it all week long haha! Having the hangers right next to the shirt necks makes it super quick and easy. My husband and I are going to record a video of our competition soon, to prove that I’m undefeated haha!

  8. I’m dismayed I never thought to do this before. This is going to be a laundry game changer. My mind is pleasantly blown and now I think in excited to wash and put away clothes. Thank you.

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