Emergency Pack Essentials that Every Mom Needs to Have in the Car

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For all of you mamas out there that are anxious or stressed about the ‘what ifs’ that are happening in the world around us, I created this emergency pack list for you. A simple list of emergency pack essentials that every mom NEEDS to have in the car.


Although these things won’t prevent all problems or erase all anxieties, it’s so important to have some extra supplies for your family, in the car and ready to go, in case of an emergency. Or even in case you just get stranded somewhere and can’t get home for a day or two!


This list only includes the absolute emergency pack essentials that should remain in your car at all times. It does not include the (somewhat larger) list of items that should be stored at home for potential emergencies or quarantines.




We highly recommend putting this emergency pack together and in your car as soon as possible!


If every mama takes a little time to prepare a go-bag for the vehicle, it will alleviate a lot of the stress and anxiety that comes with sudden emergencies or evacuations. It might also save you or someone else if you’re on the road and can’t get home for one reason or another…


Okay, okay. We probably watch too much of The Walking Dead around here! We definitely believe in being prepared for anything that comes your way. And it’s never a bad idea to be prepared!


This DOES NOT have to be expensive. You should be able to put a simple emergency pack together within a fairly reasonable budget.


You’ll notice from the images below that we do not have any fancy gear or expensive materials in our car emergency pack – just the bare minimum essentials to hold us over for a day or two if we’re stuck in the car or on the road somewhere far from home.



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Here’s what we have in our vehicle emergency bag (for our family of four, with two toddlers):




We always recommend having a few easy snacks and some protein in your emergency pack. Make sure you choose foods that are sealed and will last a reasonable amount of time in storage (so that you don’t have to keep switching out food from your emergency pack). We have:


-Trail Mix
-Tuna Packets
-Beef Jerky
-Granola Bars
-Oatmeal Packets


* If you have smaller babies, you will likely need to include formula or baby food on your list. Be sure to make additions or adjustments based on your own family and circumstances.




This goes without saying, I think. If there is any kind of emergency or accident that leaves you stuck on the road, fresh water will be essential. Most of the time, we’ll have access to a grocery store or a faucet, but it’s still always a good idea to have a case of water in the car, just to be safe!


We just have a 12-pack of bottled water in my car (enough for each person to have a few bottles). In my opinion, at least having a few bottles of water is better than nothing.




When you got babies and husbands around, you gotta deal with some POOP and dirt! Be sure to have some basics toiletries and bathroom essentials in your emergency bag. This comes in handy even if you’re stuck at someone’s house and forgot your toothbrush – it’s not only for emergencies! Here’s what we have in our bag:


-2 rolls of toilet paper
-1 pack of generic baby wipes
-diapers and pull-ups
toothbrushes and toothpaste
-mini body soap and lotion
-toothpicks and q-tips
-feminine hygiene products
-contacts and contact case


Mama’s Pro Tip: Save those little soaps and shampoos from the hotel when you head home! They are the perfect size for your emergency kit.




You can usually find a simple and affordable first-aid kit online from Amazon or you can put one together on your own with the first-aid supplies you already have stocked up at home. Just make sure you have some of the essentials for potential injuries and illness. Here’s what we have in our bag:


-Gauze pads
Burn cream
-Triple antibiotic ointment
-Ice pack
Hand warmers
-Children’s ibuprofen
-Ace bandage wrap
Medical gloves
-Hand sanitizer
-Peroxide spray


* If you have additional needs or specific medical conditions, be sure to have extra medications or supplies for your personal situation!




Having a spare set of clothes for everyone in the household is ideal, but in our car emergency pack, we only have a change of clothes for the kids because space is limited in the backpack.


-Clean shirt and pants
-Clean underwear and socks




My husband teases me for my ‘over-preparedness’ when it comes to my emergency pack, but I still consider these the bare essentials. Ya never know when you might need this stuff! And it’s better to be safe than sorry.


So these items below still make the list of emergency pack essentials every mom needs in the car!


-Matches and paper
-Flashlight or headlamp
Mylar thermal emergency blankets
-Disinfecting Wet Ones


The best part?


All of this stuff fits snugly into one regular-sized backpack! We use this diaper bag backpack because of the wide-mouth zipper and the insulated front pockets. Any backpack that you have on-hand will do!






-car charger for phone
-coloring book and crayons for kids


Grab your own fillable emergency pack essentials checklist here (no email required)!




Although these are the emergency pack essentials that every mom should have in the car, there are a few additional things that every vehicle owner should also keep in their vehicle for safety.


Here is a simple and practical list of essentials to keep in the car for emergency preparedness.


Be sure to get that emergency pack prepped as soon as possible and save this list just in case you need it later!


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