11 Easy Kitchen Hacks that Will Save You Money Every Month

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A lot of us are trying to cut back on expenses. And there are so many little things we can do at home to make that possible. To that end, we put together this quick list for you! If you want some LEGIT kitchen hacks that will save you money every month, we got you covered.




Try them out and see how much you can save! And then think of other little adjustments you can make around the whole house to save even more.


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Whoa – talk about fighting words right outta the gate.


Here’s the thing. If you’re a coffee drinker, I can almost guarantee you’re spending more on your habit than you NEED to be, even if you make coffee at home.


Thankfully, it’s an easy fix!


If we’re cutting back on expenses and trying to save some money in the kitchen department, coffee is where we start.


If you’re a Keurig user, skip the fancy k-cups and buy a reusable coffee pod. You can buy your choice of delicious coffee in bulk and it will still be wayyy cheaper than the k-cups. Plus, it’s much less waste, which is always a good thing.


And if you’re feeling insanely brave and adventurous (I just know that you are) skip the Keurig altogether and buy an old-fashioned coffee pot.




You know those dinosaur coffee pots that hold like 12 cups of coffee?


Well, they’re super affordable, and they last forever (I’ve had mine since I got married and it’s still kickin’).


The old-school coffee pot and the bulk coffee are both generally cheaper than most other options. And you can either buy reusable coffee filters from the dollar store for a buck or buy a reusable filter that’ll last forever.



Such an easy little kitchen hack that can save you money every month!




Just with some quick math, we can see how quickly paper towel costs add up.


If the average family in the US goes through 6 paper towel rolls a month (more than that according to statistics) that can add up to more than a hundred bucks a year.


A cheaper option?


Reuseable kitchen towels, also known as “unpaper towels”. Buy them once and reuse them for years and years… and years and years and years.


I’m on year three of reuseable towels and reusable napkins, and it’s pretty much the easiest switch to make.


Make a one-time purchase of reusable kitchen towels like these. Use them for anything and everything that you would usually use your paper towels for. And then, instead of throwing the paper towel into the trash, you throw it into the washing machine – no big deal!


And as a side note: throwing less paper towels in the trash can equals using less trash bags, which saves money too.


PRO MOM HACK: buy a pack of all white reusable towels so that they can be easily washed with your whites with a splash of bleach or peroxide to keep them bright!


Can’t afford reusable towels/napkins right now?


Cut up an old t-shirt or old towel for your kitchen cleaning and wipe-ups. Works just as good!




We’re not obsessive doomsday preppers around here.


We just like to make our money work for us whenever possible, so that we have some extra cash left over for the things we love to do (or NEED to do in an emergency).


Stocking up on sale items is the kitchen hack that will probably save you the most money month over month.




Let’s say your kid’s favorite cereal is usually $5 per box and you go through about one box a week. Total cost = $20/month for those 4 boxes.


If you stock up on that cereal when it’s on sale for $2 per box, you can get 10 boxes for that same price.


When our favorites go on sale, we try to stock up on two months’ worth of supplies, if possible. It works out to be much cheaper than buying those items every week when they’re full price. It also pulls us through those harder rainy weeks when money is a little tighter!


If you live in a small house with limited storage space (like we do), you’ll have to be selective about stocking up on bulky things. But generally speaking, stocking up during sales is a good idea and a huge money saver.




You can save a TON of money on your kitchen expenses by simply cutting out excess cleaning supplies.


All you really need to keep the kitchen sparkly clean is lemon, hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, baking soda, and maybe an occasional dash of salt as.


Clean cutting boards, metal handles/knobs, and sinks/drains with a slice of lemon. Quite literally, just cut open a lemon, rub it all over the surface, and then wipe away the excess liquid.


Boom – clean and sparkly surface that smells fabulous.



Clean tile and grout with a little mixture of peroxide and baking soda.


And clean everything else with some warm soapy water (a splash of peroxide when necessary for disinfecting).


Keep it simple and affordable. Or, make your own cleaning solutions!


If you just can’t get behind the idea of cleaning your whole house with a lemon slice, I feel ya!


I love the magic of lemon juice as much as the next person, but sometimes, we need a little extra oomph… for things like toilets and stubborn laundry stains.


Here are some easy DIY cleaning solutions that can be made with supplies most of us have at home.




Unplugging kitchen appliances when they aren’t being used can save on your electric bill every month. And I have some inside street knowledge on this one, because my husband is an electrician.


Anything that draws electricity (aside from the oven and fridge of course) should be unplugged when NOT in use.


Microwave, coffee pot, etc. These items draw electricity even when they aren’t technically being used (so they’re costing you money).


That little clock timer on the microwave, that little red light on the coffee pot that tells you it’s still hot…. yeah, those things draw electricity and cost you money, even when you aren’t using the appliance.


Now, if the appliance doesn’t draw any electricity when it’s not actually in USE, like a toaster, then you aren’t going to save much money by unplugging it. However, it’s still good to get into the habit of unplugging the things you don’t use.


We don’t unplug the oven or fridge obviously, but we have made a habit of only plugging in other kitchen appliances when they are being used. And it doesn’t save us thousands, but it saves us enough to make it worth that two seconds of unplugging work.




If we want to save money with these kitchen hacks, we have to commit to them!


It’s easy to say, ‘I’ll try to make dinner at home more.’ But there’s no commitment there.


No commitment = no success.


To succeed at saving money on kitchen expenses, we gotta commit. Or at the very least, commit MOST OF THE TIME.


Most of us can cook basic dinners at home. It’s much more affordable than eating out, and if we plan out our meals, it can be even CHEAPER.


So, hop on the meal planning train, my friends!



Take inventory of what you have in the cupboard/fridge and think about the dinners you can make this week with those ingredients.


When it comes to easy and affordable dinners, think about kitchen staples (rice, beans, lentils, potatoes, pasta, onions, canned tomatoes, etc)… think about what’s in the cupboard and figure out what you can make for dinner tonight out of these things.




In line with money-saving kitchen hack # 6, we should always have plenty of staples in the pantry for meal planning!


Buying your staples in bulk will save you money AND will last longer than what you usually buy in your weekly shop.


For example, you can usually buy a pound of rice for a buck, but you can buy 2-3 times that amount from the bulk section for just a little more (this depends on where you shop, of course).


I do a good bulk shop once every month or two, and stock up on rice, beans, lentils, oatmeal, trail mix, or whatever we’re feeling that month. As long as you’re actually USING these staples for your meals, this is going to save you a lot of money on your grocery bill.


PRO MOM HACK: Always bring your own reusable bags to stock up on bulk items. Remember, this equals less trash in your trash can, which also saves you money on trash bags – BOOM. You win twice.


Highly recommend!





Sometimes… okay, a lot of the time… generic brands are just as good as brand names.


If you’re trying to save some money in the kitchen, generic brands are where it’s at!


Target-brand groceries: just as good as name-brand groceries.
CVS Pharmacy over-the-counter meds: just as good as name-brand over-the-counter meds.
Costco liquor: just as good as name-brand liquor.


While you definitely ‘get what you pay for’ in some cases, there are quite a few kitchen items that you can swap with generic brands to save some money!


Speaking of saving money on the basics, here is a list of things you should ONLY buy from the Dollar Store.




If you can avoid running the dishwasher, it’ll save you money every month.


When you dirty a dish, give it a quick wash immediately. And teach your kids to do the same.


Now, you might be saying to yourself, ‘Listen here crazy lady. TIME IS MONEY. I can afford to run the dishwasher, but I can’t afford to stand over the sink scrubbing dishes all day.’


I hear you. Really, I do… But think about it this way.


When you rinse your dish immediately after using it, it’s easier and quicker to clean. There is no residue or gunk stuck to your plates and bowls, requiring extra soap and scrubbing.


Most people rinse their dishes before putting them into the dishwasher, which also takes time. If you don’t rinse the crummy/grimy stuff, it’s not going to come clean in the dishwasher. So, why not just do one quick rinse and be done with it? Without wasting any energy from the dishwasher.



It might be hard to get into this habit. Believe me, my husband STILL struggles with it!


But if you put this into practice, it’s going to save you money every month.


Again, everything in balance, right?


Run that dishwasher GUILT-FREE after exhausting dinner parties, when you’re tired after a long day, or when you have more important projects taking up your time. Just keep this little thought in mind: it only takes a few seconds to rinse a dirty dish, so if you can manage it, do it by hand.




This is my secret weapon for saving money on dish soap.


After reading kitchen hack number nine, you might be thinking that dish soap is going to run out a lot faster if you’re washing dishes as you dirty them. But I’ve got you covered there!


Put a generous DROP of dish soap into a shallow dish/bowl and then fill with water to make a soapy combo. Leave it there on the counter next to the sink.



Whenever you need to clean a dish, just dip a clean sponge into the soapy water and scrub away. I can usually wash a full sink of dishes with just one drop of Dawn dish soap this way. FOR REAL. Just look at this evidence!



Seriously… Give it a try.




When it comes to your kitchen essentials, you can save a lot of money by shopping second-hand for gently used kitchen appliances and essential kitchen items.


Thrift shops are usually full of dishes, utensils, mixing bowls, hand towels etc. I personally don’t buy electrical kitchen appliances from thrift shops, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t scope out your local thrift shop once a month and see what they have. You might score something great!


You can also browse on Facebook marketplace, use the OfferUp app, or check out yard sales on Saturdays to find great kitchen essentials.


THEY ARE OUT THERE – we just have to look for them!




If you haven’t tried them yet, give these money-saving kitchen hacks a shot. Here is that list again, for a quick refresher:

1. Cut back on coffee expense.
2. Ditch the paper towels.
3. Stock up on sale items.
4. Clean with items you have.
5. Unplug kitchen appliances.
6. Meal-plan like a maniac.
7. Buy staples in bulk.
8. Embrace generic brands.
9. Wash dishes by hand.
10. Use a single drop of dish soap.
11. Buy kitchen essentials second hand.


If you do all of these things every single month, you could easily save up to $1,000 a year or more!


When my family started shopping smarter, we saved over $1,200 implementing these kitchen hacks. And you can save even more than that if you find ways to save money all over the house.


What’s your favorite money-saving hack? Tell us in the comments!

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