10 Cool Gifts that Your Mom Actually Wants to Get From You

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Truth bomb time: Your mom already has everything that she needs. And one thing that she doesn’t need (or want) is unnecessary clutter that won’t *actually* improve her quality of life.


Seriously. She does NOT need that.


So, before you buy anything for your mama (or the mother of your kids), ask yourself this:


‘What can I give her that will truly make her life BETTER or EASIER?’


If you can answer that question, you’ll be able to dream up plenty of gifts that your mom will actually want to get and keep. But if you’re at a loss, we’ve got you covered! Here are 10 cool gifts that moms love!



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Of course, you can always take the traditional route of flowers and candy. But the gifts below will really tell mom how much you understand her and care about her!




These are reusable grocery bags that every mom needs in her life.


They are absolute game-changers for grocery shopping day!


Lotus Trolley Bags has a patented system that makes loading and unloading your groceries a breeze. If you just watch the one-minute video to see how they work, you’ll fall in love.


The reusable bag set includes a large cooler bag to keep things cold, a designated slot for fragile items like eggs, and two designated slots of wine bottles.




Every mom wants a good night of sleep, right? Solid rest makes life better and easier, which is why super soft pillows get a super high spot on our list!


Get mom the gift of better rest by hooking her up with a soft and supportive memory foam pillow.


We like these Sweet Night memory foam pillows that are filled with activate bamboo-charcoal foam.




Take this tired mama’s word for it: your mom is going to appreciate gifts that make her job easier!


If the house can vacuum itself with a little help from a Roomba, mom will be one happy camper.




If your mama like boiling hot coffee that won’t spill, she’s covered with a Yeti tumbler. If mama likes ice cold coffee (or discreet margaritas) that won’t spill, she’s covered with a Yeti.




This one sounds a lot more violent than it really is.


A massage gun is just a handheld massager that can provide some serious relief to mom’s sore muscles.




I guarantee your mom isn’t fond of forgetting her wallet at home.


The phone case wallet combo alleviates this problem and keeps life super simple! Just tuck your cards and ID into the wallet side, tuck your phone into the phone side, and bam.


Mom’s two most important possessions will never leave each other’s side again.


And this wallet phone case has a kick stand, a magnetic closure, and a wrist strap. Super convenient for mom!




We’re all about making mom’s life easier and better, right?


This veggie chopper is a game changer for dinner time. You can peel and chop all of your ingredients quickly and easily, with no mess and no injuries. You can quickly slice potatoes into French fry strips or instantly slice an onion without any tears.


I used to think this was a silly purchase, but then my mother-in-law got me hooked on it! If your mama spends any time cooking in the kitchen, she needs a veggie chopper asap.




If mom is a wine drinker, get her a fun wine set like this one.


Comes with a wine tumbler, fuzzy socks, and a few wine accessories. Super fun and affordable gift for wine-loving mamas!




They say wool dryer balls can reduce drying time and naturally soften clothes in the dryer (making mom life easier, right?).


I use them, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t see much of a difference in the time it takes to dry my clothes. Buuuuuuut, many people swear by them and have personal case studies that say otherwise, so who really knows.


What we do know? They are better than chemical-laden dryer sheets. You can add a few drops of essential oils to them to make your clothes smell delicious. They’re super affordable.


Annnnnnnd…all moms love clean, fresh smelling clothes!




We love Farmasi products around here! They are affordable, high-quality, and have an extremely high standard for their ingredients.


You can also get a big discount on all of your own (or your mamas) makeup, skin care, personal care, and accessory needs if you join as a beauty influencer here.


If mama isn’t the sensitive type when it comes to the meaning behind your gift, they have an amazing Age Reversist skin care line that we highly recommend.


We’re not saying your mama looks old, by the way. But these products will help her keep that skin looking fresh and young!


Nice save, right? 😉




All of these gift ideas are going to be a big hit with mom, so roll the dice and choose one.


Can’t go wrong with anything that makes mom’s life easier and better!


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21 thoughts on “10 Cool Gifts that Your Mom Actually Wants to Get From You”

  1. Love these ideas! My kids always conveniently forget Mother’s Day so I may have to buy a few of these for myself. I’m curious about how a Roomba would work out because I hate sweeping but I’m worried my dogs might try to eat it, lol.

  2. I love this guiding question for gift buying! It’s so true… once I became a mom I’m all about the practical, time saving gifts. A roomba sounds pretty much like the best gift ever right now!

  3. Admission: I’m not a mum BUT if I received either the massage gun or the fun wine set for Mother’s Day I wouldn’t complain. I have a plant. That makes me a mum in some sort of way, right?! 😉

  4. Thanks for the great ideas! I might have to get the memory pillow for myself. It sounds amazing! And I love using wool dryer balls. They last so long and you don’t have to remember to put a dryer sheet in with each load.

    1. The pillows are to die for! My husband and I both have one and they are worth their weight in gold. Thanks for reading!

  5. These ideas are wonderful… So unique and I didn’t think of all these at all. My mam loves kitchen gadgets, so I’ll probably get her the veggie chopper you suggested. 🙂

  6. This list includes gifts that ALL moms would love! My personal favorites are the Roomba and Veggie Chopper as well as the wine! My little robot vacuum really makes vacuuming much easier and what mom wouldn’t want that? Less vacuuming-yes, please! Thanks for the great ideas.

  7. OMG I was literally just thinking I want a Roomba now, especially while being at home all day everyday 😂 normally no one is home so it doesn’t get so bad, but we’ve been having to sweep every single day so yeah.. i think both my son and I (haha he does majority of sweeping) would love this!

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