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A Busy Mom’s Guide to Cleaning House Quickly

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If you’re overwhelmed by that messy house that just refuses to clean itself, today is your lucky day mama!


I’m bringing you some classified info that’s gonna save you time and sanity. From one busy mama to another…


Here is my busy mom’s guide to cleaning house quickly!


Because yeah, most of us moms have A LOT on our plate.


We’re strapped and stressed and sleepy … and that’s on a GOOD day! If we magically find some free time, we probably don’t want to spend that time scrubbing toilets, amiright??


So, if a live-in housekeeper isn’t in the budget (yeah right), then you need to find ways to clean your house quickly and easily on your own. To save yourself time and sanity.


Do these 9 things and you’ll be well on your way to a clean and cozy home.



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  1. PURGE.


If you’re a busy mom that hates to clean, then you need to have less things in your life that require cleaning!


Ohhhhhhhhhh, SNAP…


But seriously. The more stuff you have in your house, the more WORK you have to do cleaning and maintaining that stuff.


Simplify things for yourself.


Get rid of all the stuff you don’t need. Better yet, think twice before bringing new things into the home.


Ask yourself, ‘do I really want to clean this thing and take care of it every day for years to come?’


You’d be surprised how often this simple question will make you second guess a potential purchase.


Less stuff = less stuff to clean. Don’t ever forget it.




Before you roll your eyes at this one, hear me out.


This isn’t about “setting the stage” for a clean day or anything of that sort.




This is a smart habit because when your bed is made, you have a big, clean, flat surface to manage other tasks throughout the day!


Maybe you need to fold laundry or organize pictures or files. Maybe you need to change a baby’s diaper or take pictures of products that you’re selling.


Give yourself space to BREATHE and work freely in your bedroom.

Clean bedroom


You’re already standing right there next to the bed anyway. Just straighten out the sheets and blankets and be done with it. This might take a minute of your day.


And yes, the room does look cleaner immediately, which mentally prepares us for a cleaner day.




Take 10 minutes before bed to tidy up the house as quickly as you can. Seriously, just 10 minutes.


Set an alarm and speed clean until the alarm goes off.


If you have human children, get them involved by having them tidy up their rooms. If you have fur babies, send them to their beds or their kennels so you aren’t tripping over them.



And when I say speed clean, I mean it.


We’re talking about getting the house clean quickly because we’re busy with more important things, right? So, let’s move quickly!


Throw toys into toy bins, wipe counter tops with a soapy cloth, put clean clothes and dishes away, stack papers and electronics where they go.


You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done in 10 minutes if you are really focused.


And not only do you fall asleep with a tidy house, you wake up with a tidy house too. Which makes the start of your day so much smoother!


If you want to know how to clean your house quickly and easily, this is how you do it. Quick and scheduled tidy-ups every single day!




You’ll notice that everything on this list includes making a habit of doing something a specific way.


We honestly have to re-train our brains to think like a clean and efficient person. Yes, I said it: most people are not as clean or efficient as they can be.


When it comes to cleaning up the bathroom, I have an efficiency tip that no one else seems to share!


Make a habit of doing a quick bathroom wipe down BEFORE hopping in the shower.



If you’re waiting for the water to warm up anyway, grab a paper towel or
a reusable cleaning towel and give the mirror, sink, and toilet a quick wipe.


We love YVY Naturals cleaning solutions around here!


When done, just throw the paper towel into the trash or the cleaning rag into the laundry bin.


Grab a little collapsible laundry bin like this one for the reusable towels you use during quick bathroom cleanups.


PRO MOM HACK: Buy all white cleaning rags so that you can freshen them up with a splash of bleach or peroxide when you wash them!


This quick daily wipe down before every shower will be a game-changer for keeping your house clean and tidy.


If you have glass shower doors, keep a small squeegee like this one in the shower and have each person wipe down the doors after their shower. This keeps soap scum and water spots under control.


Ideally, everyone in the family should get into the habit of doing a quick clean up and wipe down every day. But even if no one helps, this little cleaning hack will make life easier for you!




If you are known for leaving clean laundry in the basket for days, you’re actually making more work for yourself.


Now, you have to iron or re-dry those clean (wrinkly) clothes. Doing the same work twice is NOT part of the busy mom’s guide to cleaning house quickly. And wasting that time and/or electricity is not very efficient either.


Gotta change our mindset if we want to change our household!


As soon as the clothes are dry, hang them up to keep them from getting wrinkly.


Here is an easy trick for getting all your laundry hung up in just a few minutes! Yeah, this doesn’t have to be super time-consuming or stressful. If you get a system in place, you can have all the clean laundry put away very quickly.


If the kids are of age, recruit them to help!




We did our evening tidy up, and it probably led to some trash in the trash can.


So, make it a habit to empty all trash cans in the evening. No need to wait until they’re overflowing with garbage, right?


There is nothing more annoying than trying to throw something away while making breakfast and the trash bin is so full you can’t even cram another thing in there.


Save your sanity: empty all trash cans before going to bed.




If you have a dishwasher, you might be thinking that hand washing is not the most efficient way to clean dishes, right?


Buuuuut…. You’re wrong.


It only takes a few seconds to rinse a dish right after you use it. Seconds.


On the other hand, you have to rinse food/grime off dirty dishes before putting them into the dishwasher. And then you have to wait until the dishwasher is full to start the thing. Wait for it to wash and dry the dishes. And then you can (finalllllllly) put everything away.


Don’t get me wrong: dishwashers are amazing and useful.  If you have one, make good use of it when you need to!


But, during your daily routine, it’s good to get into the habit of just rinsing your dishes right after using them.



I actually do the same with my pots and pans!


I CAREFULLY clean them while they are still warm (not hot). It’s much easier to clean your dishes before anything has the chance to dry or get stuck on them.


For real. Make this a habit. It’s a game-changer.




Schedule a designated laundry day where you get all the laundry done no matter what.


Ideally, you’ll schedule laundry on a day that you’ll be at home for the most part. And make sure you don’t have too many huge projects planned on this day, because you’ll need time to take breaks throughout the day to work through the laundry pile!


Prepare the night before, if possible. Sort the laundry by color. Or better yet, grab a laundry cart like this one with dividers that sort colors for you!


Throw a load of laundry in the wash first thing in the morning. Do it while the coffee is brewing or the bacon is cooking. It should only take a quick minute. Laundry soap pods like this make the process even faster.



And now for the secret weapon: hit start on the washer and immediately set an alarm to go off as soon as the clothes are done washing!


This will keep you from leaving wet clothes in the washer for hours while you’re distracted with other things.


Keep the cycles going so that you can get all the laundry done in one day no matter what.


Now, I’m a batch-work kinda girl. On laundry day, I like to focus on laundry. If you prefer to wash a single load of clothes every morning, that’s fine too. It’s all about efficiency and getting the work DONE without wasting time.




You can do this once a month, although some people prefer to do it more often. If you have a house cleaner, this one will probably be their responsibility.


If you don’t have one, recruit all household members to either HELP or get the heck out of the house, so you can work!


And if you followed the other tips above for keeping the house clean, deep cleaning day won’t be all that overwhelming. Because the house is already tidy.


On deep clean day, we’ll clean the blinds and baseboards. We’ll clean under the couch and beds. We’ll do a little extra organizing and scrubbing spots that don’t get enough attention (like the fridge and the tub). Again, can’t recommend YVY Natural cleaning products enough for deep cleaning days!


Dedicate a solid day or half-day to deep cleaning.


Crank up the music, make yourself a cold drink, and get to scrubbing.




While a lot of the housework does tend to fall on mom (or whoever makes the house a home), there are plenty of tools we can use to help us out!


– Get a Roomba to do your vacuuming for you throughout the day.
– Hire a house cleaner to come in for a quarterly clean.
– Pay the kids to pitch in (or just change the wifi password if they refuse to help).
– Keep a bottle of all-purpose cleaner and a rag on the counter for quick clean-ups.
– Keep a bottle of stain remover hanging in the laundry basket.


And there you have it, mama!




These 9 tips will be your lifeline when it comes to having a clean and tidy home… and keeping it that way, even when you’re tired!


Here they are again as a refresher.


1.Purge. Get rid of junk.
2.Make your bed as soon as you get up.
3.Speed clean before bed.
4.Wipe down the bathroom before your daily shower.
5.Hang up clothes right out of the dryer.
6.Empty all trash cans before bed.
7.Wash dishes by hand.
8.Have a designated laundry day.
9.Do a monthly deep clean.


Plus, don’t forget to print out your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule for busy moms right here.


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5 thoughts on “A Busy Mom’s Guide to Cleaning House Quickly”

  1. These are awesome tips – and you’ve packed so much great information in here! I love how so many of these tips are daily habits that we can practice so that things don’t pile up and become overwhelming. Thanks for the great advice.

  2. I really need to start doing #5. It could save me so much time. All other tips are more of a habit thing. We all can adopt new habits as we are all stuck at home these days.

  3. I am totally onboard with doing a 10 minute speed clean before bed! It makes the groggy am so much less overwhelming when you’re not staring at lots of little things that need to be done or cleaned

  4. Love these ideas! I totally have been doing quick last minute cleanups before heading to bed each night. And yup, ever since we moved into our house two years ago, our dishwasher has NEVER been used because I agree, it’s so much quicker and easier to wash them as used as they are used.

  5. I love these ideas. I am inspired to try the ten minute clean up right before bed, that is a super practical tip. My husband has always done the dishes by hand, I am guilty of loading up that dishwasher. Maybe he’s right? Oh, and I LOVE the checklist.

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