The Best Diaper Bag for Twins and Moms With Two Under Two

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Looking for the best diaper bag for twins or multiple babies under two years old?

Look no further. 

We’ve tested out more than a dozen diaper bags and diaper bag backpacks to track down the perfect one for parents with one or more babies and toddlers at home/on the go.

While every bag will have its pros and cons based on your needs, there are still some diaper bags that were just built to withstand the pressure of lots of babies and lots of stuff! 

We dug through the best diaper bags for twins / moms of multiples and found a few pretty rock solid contenders. 

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We’re going to share a few of our top choices, but let’s not waste any time keeping the absolute top pick a secret.

Our top recommendation for the best diaper bag for twins is this Keababies SLEEK Diaper Bag Backpack in buttery soft black Vegan leather. 

It’s spacious, well designed, durable, and stylish.

And if you’re on the hunt for a large diaper bag for twins, this is an excellent choice. It fits A LOT of stuff, but the large padded backpack straps distribute the weight comfortably over your shoulders and back.

Multiple images of black diaper bag. Blonde woman in background holding a baby and wearing the diaper bag


A diaper bag backpack will usually have the same features of a regular diaper bag, but it has straps that allow you to wear the bag on your back. 

This Keababies SLEEK diaper bag backpack is the most comfortable one we have worn (and we’ve worn A LOT of bags on our shoulders around here)!

Wearing the diaper bag on your back allows you to keep your hands free to hold, feed, or wrangle all those babies when you’re on the go.

Diaper bag backpacks are ideal for busy parents that need two free hands and lots of storage space for supplies. They are especially great for parents of twins, triplets, or two babies under two.


Here’s a quick rundown of our favorite features of this Keababies diaper bag:

  • The 3 insulated bottle pockets to keep stuff cold (including snacks)!
  • A clothes storage zipper compartment
  • Quick-access zipped pockets and a multi-pocket main compartment
  • Wide padded shoulder straps
  • Large side pockets for water bottles or flasks

Aside from the practical features, the bag is buttery soft Vegan leather, super stylish, and waterproof.

Hands free, easy to clean, with large comfy straps?? TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Check out the diaper bag backpack and all its awesome features right here


As much as we love this bag, sleek black diaper bag backpacks aren’t necessarily everyone’s jam.

Here are a couple other spacious and affordable bags that are great for dads, parents with older kids, and anyone that wants a neutral style bag for traveling adventures.

Skip Hop Diaper Bag: Iconic Duo Signature Function Forward Tote

This bag is especially great if you need a large diaper bag for twins or 2+ babies under two.

Skip Hop is a great brand for mid-range pricing, durable products, and adorable modern designs for every parenting style.

The Skip Hop Iconic Duo Signature bag is large and spacious, with a large zipper pocket as the main compartment. A zipper pocket is always ideal so that you don’t have to struggle with flaps and snaps… or risk everything falling out of your bag if it tips over in the car.

Of course, it has a ton of pockets (10 of them!!!), a stroller attachment, and a travel strap that allows you to attach the bag directly to your rolling luggage when traveling. And it comes with it’s own changing pad.

Sling Diaper Bag for Dad

This Sling Diaper Bag is a great option for parents that want a masculine-style bag with tons of storage space.

It’s designed for practicality and efficiency. Some of its features:

  • Easy access front pouches for diapers, wipes, dirty clothes, diaper cream, etc.
  • Folding waterproof changing pad
  • Heavily padded back support and a breathable material for comfort
  • 2 insulated bottle pockets
  • Padded tablet pocket and easy access phone pocket
  • 19 total storage compartments (I mean, whuttttt??!!)
  • Stroller straps

This one makes a really great gift for dads! And if you’ve got twins or more than one babe in diapers, large spacious diaper bags are going to be an essential.

Original Diaper Bag Backpack KeaBabies

For a super affordable neutral style diaper bag for your twins, this Original Diaper Bag Backpack from KeaBabies is a great option.

It comes in 6 different colors (we love the gray one). It has a wide mouth zipper compartment, insulated bottle pockets, side pockets, and tons of storage space.

Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Whimsical Baby Bag

We’re all about making a mom’s life manageable around here. 

If you’re looking for an extra large diaper bag for twins or multiples, check out this large BE PREPARED diaper bag from Ju-Ju-Be!

It’s an oversized crossbody/shoulder bag perfect for hauling around those extra clothes, diapers, toys, and snacks.


  • Dual shoulder straps and adjustable crossbody strap
  • 8 inner mesh pockets
  • Insulated bottle pockets with flap-over closure
  • Flat bottom with studded feet that keeps bag in an upright position
  • Memory foam changing pad

Kate Spade New York Blake Avenue Kaylie Baby Bag 

If a classic handbag is more your style, check out this Kate Spade baby bag

This one is a simple and classy diaper handbag with a cushy changing pad, waterproof interior lining, stroller straps, and a zipper top compartment.

t’s on the pricey side, but as the 5-star reviews show, a lot of moms find Kate Spade bags to be worth the price tag!

We also love this Kate Spade New York Classic Nylon Stevie Baby Bag.


Moms of multiples have a little more to carry and a few more features to consider when it comes to buying your baby bag. These are the main criteria that we recommend focusing on:

  • Large openings and lots of organized space
  • Easy access zipper compartments
  • Easy to carry/comfortable straps
  • Insulated pockets for bottles or snacks
  • Stroller attachment
  • Style choice of the primary person carrying the bag

All of the diaper bags on this list are great options. We still choose the KeaBabies SLEEK diaper bag backpack as our top pick for Making Mom Life Easy!

Super affordable, organized, spacious, waterproof, and stylish. Perfect for moms of twins or multiple kiddos in diapers. 


So, you picked out your diaper bag and now you’re wondering, ‘what the heck else do I need for my twins’? 

Here are a few questions and answers that we have collected for our new twin/multiple mamas!

Do I need two diaper bags for my twins?

Most likely, no. The bags we’ve recommended above have more than enough space for the supplies you’ll be needing for two or more small children. 

What other supplies will I need for my twins?

The list of essentials will be different for every parent based on your needs. But a few things that we recommend for moms of twins includes:

Although we do recommend buying a few helpful supplies for your twins to make your life easier, keep in mind that babies don’t need a lot of STUFF. 

Buy what you need, but let your main focus be on feeding and snuggling those babies!

How do I prepare for bringing home my twins?

  • Be sure to discuss all concerns/risks with your doctor
  • Create a birth plan but remember to be flexible
  • Rest as much as possible before babies arrive (kick up those feet mama)
  • Eat small healthy meals throughout the day and drink water
  • Make sure your car seats are installed in the back seat early on
  • Get some freezer meals prepped or have a relative setup a meal chain
  • Build a support system of a few trusted relatives or friends (find a twin mom group)

Most importantly, be flexible, rest when you can, and ask for help when needed. Having a few helpful tools and supplies will make your life easier!


Picking out supplies and diaper bags is a personal choice based on taste and preferred features. But we hope this list was helpful in making your decision!

For a quick recap, our top pick for twin diaper bags (or large spacious diaper bags) is the KeaBabies SLEEK Black Diaper Bag Backpack. You won’t be disappointed.

Take it easy, mama! 

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