Best Baby Shower Gifts That Mom Will Actually Use and Love

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Baby shower gifts can be tricky.


People often buy a gift that THEY want mom to have, but not necessarily one that mom wants or needs. And then she ends up going home with a bunch of newborn diapers that won’t fit her baby and a bunch of other things she won’t ever use.


Let’s help mama avoid that at the next baby shower, shall we?


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Here is a list of the top 15 baby shower gifts that mom will actually use!




My ring slings are the one thing that I absolutely adored and used every single day as long as my babies could fit into them.


I’d still tuck these little rugrats of mine into a sling if they weren’t over the weight limit!


Because I loved my ring slings so much, I always tend to buy them as a gift for new moms or pass them down to a friend after mine are broken in by my chunky babies.


You seriously CANNOT go wrong if you buy mama a ring sling, which is why it’s # 1 on our list of the best baby shower gifts!


I used a few different brands throughout those years with two small babies, but the most comfortable and affordable one I used was this ring sling from KeaBabies.


Don’t think about it. Just buy it.




Diaper bag backpacks are usually spacious, durable, and they allow you to keep your hands free (for holding babies, nursing babies, wrangling toddlers, etc).


We use this grey diaper bag backpack and it’s the best.


Spacious, durable, has tons of pockets, insulated space for keeping things cold, and super affordable.


Great baby shower gift for mom (or gift for yourself)!




Show mama how much you care about her and her new baby by gifting her some baby-safe soaps and lotions.


Ever Eden provides plant-based, non-toxic, baby-safe soaps, lotions, and more. You can find their entire lineup on Amazon.


Is there anything better than a sweet-smelling baby after you give them a bath and lotion them up?!


cute smiling baby wrapped in a white towel


And if you want to pamper mama, they have a full line of skin care items for her too! I use and love the Ever Eden firming lotion.




The best baby shower gifts for mom are always the things that make her life better and easier.


Ya hear me? This is ALWAYS the case.


So, make mom’s life with her newborn just a little bit easier by making her a sleepy baby gift basket.


Simply buy a cute storage bin like this one (choose something she can reuse as baby grows). Fill it with a few items that can help mama and baby get more rest.


Here are some ideas for what to put in your sleepy baby gift baskets:


Sleep sacks
A cute night light
Lavender oil roller
Baby monitor
Calming lavender lotion
Baby bedtime books
White noise machine


I still use most of these for my toddlers, especially the white noise machine. I guarantee mom will appreciate any of these for a long long time!




This is an awesome baby shower gift that always makes mom happy!


When you put your own care package together with the specific mom and baby in mind, it means so much more than a pre-packaged kit.


Buy a simple little storage caddy that can sit on the back of the toilet or next to the tub. Fill it with practical bath time stuff for baby. Boom: best baby shower gift ever!


Depending on your budget, you can buy one or two items, or build an overflowing basket of goodies. Mom will be so thankful either way!


Here is what we usually put in our baby bath time kits:


Super soft wash cloths
Natural baby soaps and lotions
Hooded baby towel
Baby hair brush set
Newborn nail care set


We like to keep it super practical so that mom actually gets use out of everything, but you could also add some cute bath toys or some other fun bath time stuff!





There are a million and one baby bathtubs on the market, and they make a lovely baby shower gift.


If you go with the infant bathtub, make sure you get one that has a little netted newborn seat like this one.


This lotus flower baby bath cushion is a lovely option too!





We looooooved our boppy pillows!


Perfect for:


Tummy time.
Propping baby up.
Helping older siblings hold baby.


They are definitely a modern day essential for moms.


Mama and baby will both love this gift. So, if you’re torn about what to buy mom, you can’t go wrong with a boppy!




Every mom needs one.


I don’t care how gross it looks or sounds. Buy mama a nose-frida.


It’s a little booger-sucking device with a tube that allows you to gently suck boogers out of baby’s nose. There is a filter and no boogers ever get close to your mouth, so don’t worry about that.


But it’s a life saver if your small babe gets sick!


And you don’t have to worry about mold and germs hiding inside of the device like you do with a booger bulb.


My first baby was sick frequently, and this little device was insanely helpful.




Make sure you pay attention to what route the mama-to-be is planning with her new baby before you buy diapers.


If she plans on doing cloth diapers, you might want to buy her a nice little stock of these cloth diapers (they are pricey, so beware)!


If she wants to go the disposable route, buy her Target diapers in size one or two. They are the most affordable and the most absorbent!


Another nice gesture is to have diapers delivered to her home after baby arrives. And Target delivers!





Mama is going to be tired and busy when baby arrives.


The last thing she needs to be stressing about is cleaning house, right?


Get mom the best gift ever and hire a house cleaning service to take care of the house for her! If I was the mom-to-be, I would greatly appreciate a house cleaner doing a really good deep clean before baby arrives.




If the mom-to-be is planning on breastfeeding her babe, you can’t go wrong with making her a personalized breastfeeding basket that can stay by her chair during those long newborn feedings.


A few things you can include:


– A water bottle
– Snacks
– Nursing pads
– Lip balm
– A book
– Burp cloths


Here is how to make a DIY breastfeeding basket as a gift for the new mom!




You can buy a pre-packaged sugar scrub bundle like this one or make your own pampering kit that you know she’ll love!




Nursing necklaces are awesome for breastfed babies!


They are stylish and they give a distracted nursing baby something to do with their busy hands.


These nursing necklaces make a great gift for mama.




Baby clothes are not usually lacking on the baby shower gift table, but you really can’t go wrong with buying some practical pieces of clothing for the new baby.


Buy some sleepers and onesies like these from Target (they’re usually cheaper than Amazon and they deliver)!





These comfy little bouncer chairs are awesome when mama needs free hands. This one plays soft music and has smooth vibration settings (the vibration always calmed my fussy babies when they were small), which is why it’s our first pick.


They are affordable and super practical, a great gift! for mom




There it is. Our list of top picks for baby shower gifts that mom will love and use!


Which gift are you going with?

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