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We’re the relentless band of mama bears that are bringing you the refreshing taste of SIMPLE and INTENTIONAL living, via this light-hearted little mama blog, Making Mom Life Easy.

The founder of this blog, Cate Rosales, is a full-time blogger and mama to two small babes. Her life mission is to help other mamas simplify their lives, kick the chaos and clutter, and live life on their own terms – with less guilt and more joy!

She has formed a community of hard-working, amazingly genuine, rock star moms who are here to commiserate, lift each other up, and enjoy more laughter with friends who ‘get it’.

On this site, you’ll find a blunt and breezy mixture of tips, tricks, humor, and mom hacks that will make your journey through motherhood easier and better. Not just kinda-sorta better, but LEGIT better!

Our focus is always on keeping life as simple and intentional as possible, while also having fun and saving our sanity.

But we meant it when we said, ‘we are BLUNT around here’! This is not the place for overly sensitive folks (we love ya just the same, but you probably won’t agree with everything we share here)!

We are firm believers in sharing the good, the bad, the ugly, and the honest. And we own our flaws and mistakes, no matter how big or small.

In other words, we try to do better for the environment, but we also use plastic when we’re in a pinch – and don’t feel bad about it.  We try to eat healthy, but we also eat cheeseburgers and have the occasional ice cream binge at 2am for no good reason. We try to model good behavior for our kids, but we also sip on whiskey and drop the F-bomb now and then.


We also believe in doing your absolute best without judging the mama next to you (kind and constructive criticism is NOT judging, FYI). And if you believe in the same, then you can definitely sit with us!!!

We write about the best mom hacks, money hacks, and life hacks you can find – with no fluff and no nonsense! Just all of the tried and true tricks that make mom life better and easier for all of us, including the kids!

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